Sunday, March 9, 2008

There's something missing here....

To give you an idea of the content that passes for logical argument in JT, take a look at what the national news editor for the paper, Sayuri Daimon, had to say about the readership of the paper:

"...about 63% of our readers are non-Japanese and thus do not share the same common view of Japanese."

Whoo-hoo! How's about lumping together all non-Japanese first and Japanese second, then not defining what those uncommonly shared views are, just taking it as a given that they are not shared and so stating directly that common Japanese views are not found in the JT.

Well, I hope they are not found with Daimon-san, either!

But things get weirder. Daimon goes on to list four reasons for the JT to exist. The fourth reason is "to chronicle history.......We hope to portray the various arguments about the war."

How is that for just being plain confused? Are we to imagine that by "portraying" the various arguments about the war that the historical record of the way will change?

It's scary, but that could be exactly what the JT has in mind.

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